30 April 2017

Catherine Hosen - Andover South

Having moved to Andover in 1995, while teaching at Winton School, I have lived in the town and worked largely in the Education sector ever since. My children, now 20, 18 and 10 have been entirely brought up here. I have worked for Andover College (then Cricklade) for 7 years and for the last 9 years have worked for a small, local software company delivering support and training in IT.

I have always had Green ideals, from research I did for a school science project about sources of energy, but since joining in 2015, I have found that the Green Party is about a lot more than renewables. I share the party’s vision for a fairer and more sustainable future. On Hampshire County Council I would focus on better funding for social care, giving carers a fair wage and time to treat their clients with friendliness and dignity.

As well as being a Green, I am a genuine local person and care passionately about our Leisure Centre and other local issues. The leisure centre decisions, in my view, were poor and made with too little local consultation. I would work hard to see that access to swimming and other facilities were maintained during the work and that the finished centre would offer more and bigger, not fewer and smaller facilities for our growing town.

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