North West Hampshire Parliamentary Candidate Dan Hill

20 May 2017

Dan Hill

Vote Green in North West Hampshire on Thursday 8th June, vote Dan Hill.

Dan says "We need a government that gets the essentials right. Can everyone feed themselves? Does everyone have a secure home? What about affording to keep warm through the winter? Can everyone get to where they need to, cheaply? The answer to all of these should be a simple "yes", but it’s not. How have we got this far into the 21st century and still not resolved these basic needs of life? We can choose change. Brexit is proof of that. Now let’s choose change that will improve the lives of all. Investing in renewable energy can create abundance. Allowing local government to build houses again will raise standards and reduce costs. Scrapping benefit sanctions will reduce the need for foodbanks. Investing in public transport will be more effective at helping us get around than building more roads.

Seven years ago a government was elected to sort out this country’s finances. Yet over £50bn has been added to our national debt in the past year alone. We are all paying the price of this failure with public services cuts: social care is in crisis, our NHS is underfunded, and now schools in Andover are set to lose millions of pounds by 2019. Don’t reward failure with your vote. Let's prioritise the provision of services for the benefit of us all, rather than the reduction of tax bills for the benefit of the rich. Let's build homes for living in, not for obscene profits. Let’s tackle climate change and create a sustainable society. The future's Green - please vote for that future."

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